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A Lock for All Reasons: Five Door Lock Options

There are different locks for different reasons. Your local locksmith can help you select the ideal lock for any purpose you want. Whether you are looking for a bike room or safe lock, there are locks which have qualities that will make any item or place secure and tamper-proof. A 24-hour locksmith is your connect for either making sure your items are secure or helping you get access to your stuff when there is a problem.

The need for a secure door lock will arise at one point or another. Your 24-hour locksmith can consult with you about the locks you need. Installation of locks is a job that is best left to a qualified local locksmith, and he can help you select the product that most closely meets your particular needs.

Different ways to lock your door

  1. A common lock type you’ve likely used at one point is the pin and tumbler lock model. With this type, springs on pins are contained within cylinders. When the individual uses the proper key, the pins are aligned properly and the door will unlock and open. If the wrong key is inserted, the pins and cylinders won’t line up and the intruder will be prevented from entering.

  2. A lock commonly used for bathroom doors and other interior rooms is the tubular lock. This lock is recognized for having a tumbler-style lock accessible from outside the room and a push-button lock from the inside. This type of lock is normally not used for exterior doors.

  3. Electronic locks have become popular in high-end apartment complexes. This type of lock is controlled by electricity. The only way someone can enter through an electronic lock is if they know the passcode combination.

  4. Another popular lock is the mechanical lock. Mechanical locks allow metal widgets to fall into a slot. Key groves which are made to fit the lock allow the lock to disengage so the key holder can enter.

  5. Rim locks enable people on the inside to unlock the door by a latch system. Outside, there is a key lock which must be properly disengaged by the right key. With a rim locking mechanism, the look is attached to the surface instead of the interior of the door.

The top goal: Staying safe

These are just a few of the locks which can be used to keep your home safe from intruders. There are varied locking mechanisms available for different purposes. A qualified locksmith can help you select the right lock for you.

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